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National Judicial Institute

Survive and Thrive: Optimizing Judicial Productivity and Well-Being


The program focused on providing judges with tools and skills to ensure optimal levels of productivity when facing heavy caseloads.


The objective of this program was to assist judges in developing effective strategies and strong practical skills in allowing them to manage their workload and optimize their time to deliver prompt judgments.


Judicial leaders from provincial and superior courts across Canada, in collaboration with experts in productivity and energy management, led this interactive and workshop-based program. Program sessions focused on optimizing time, maximizing energy and productivity and developing new habits to support and maintain high performance. Particular emphasis was placed on resiliency training in the context of exposure to toxic evidence, such as pictures and videos, given the negative effect this can have on judicial productivity and well-being. Participants worked with judicial mentors on the development of strategies tailored to their work environment and circumstances. The hands-on learning environment with multidisciplinary judicial and non-judicial faculty members enhanced and expanded individual strategies.


Mar 6th -
Mar 9th 2018

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