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Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador

Education Seminar


This seminar focused on emerging issues in labour and employment law, judicial deference and review for reasonableness in administrative law, and criminal law defences.


The objectives of this course were to improve the participants’ awareness of key jurisprudential developments, to develop a better understanding of the new “gig” economy in labour and employment law, and to explore complex issues in administrative law and criminal law defences.


Led by experienced judges and practitioners from the labour and employment field, this seminar used a combination of presentations and interactive questions and answers. It covered key issues in labour and employment law including the impact of the changing employment economy on just cause, reasonable notice and post-employment issues. It also addressed some of the challenges in the union and workplace context vis-à-vis the right to strike, workplace safety, the work environment, drug and alcohol testing and human rights claims.

Administrative law sessions covered standard of review, procedural fairness, substantive review and standing. Criminal law sessions covered self-defence, provocation, intoxication, duress and “air of reality”. The session also considered the challenges of jury instructions both generally and in specific instances.


May 30th -
Jun 2nd 2017

Number of Participants



Administrative LawArtificial IntelligenceCriminal LawEmployment LawJury InstructionsWorkplace Safety