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Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador

Education Seminar


This two-day seminar on children in family law focussed on the psychological and practical needs of children from parenting plans, post-separation or divorce to financial support orders which ensured the best outcomes for children and fostered resilience.


The objectives of this seminar were to enhance awareness of recent cases in family law, to understand the linkages between child development and parenting plans post-separation, to improve financial literacy in determining child and spousal support issues, to develop skills in managing high conflict cases in order to optimize outcomes for children and to build skills to optimize judicial productivity.


Experienced judges, senior practitioners, a psychologist and an accountant led the seminar used a combination of presentations, case studies, and interactive questions and answers. Participants explored: determining the best parenting arrangements post-separation or divorce; optimizing child development in the context of age-appropriate custody and access orders; evidence in family law cases; mobility issues; high conflict cases, parental alienation and reunification; child and spousal support claims; financial literacy including disclosure and income determination issues in child support; and optimizing productivity and staying on top of reserve decisions.


Nov 23rd -
Nov 24th 2017

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