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National Judicial Institute

Supreme Court of Canada Symposium


This symposium, available to the public by webcast, was a one-day program which examined topics related to the Supreme Court of Canada’s role in the legal system and its impact on Canadians’ lives. Canadian and international jurists participated.


The objective of the symposium was to provide an open forum for Canadians to learn and participate in a discussion about the role and challenges of the Supreme Court of Canada in our society, both historically and in the future.


The symposium opened with a session led by the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin. A panel of former federal and provincial leaders discussed the role of, and challenges for, the Supreme Court, both before and after the implementation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, particularly on broad or transformational public policy issues. Recognizing the importance and educative role of the Supreme Court, a session focused on the relationship with the public in a social media era. This session considered how new media is affecting coverage of the Court and its decisions, as well as how the Court communicates with Canadians today. The closing session of the symposium provided an opportunity for attendees to contribute actively to a discussion on the future of the Supreme Court of Canada and how the role of the Court may evolve in the next 50 years.


Oct 26th 2017

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