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Superior Court of Québec (Québec Division)

Annual Assembly of the Québec District: The Art of Judging


The program on the theme of the “Art of Judging” was part of the Annual Assembly of the Québec District.


The objectives of this program were to develop the participants’ skills in the art of judging, the proper judicial conduct to be observed, proper behaviour in and out of the courtroom, the right terminology to use, the control to be exercised and the ways to address the many aspects of performing as a judge.


Led by experienced judges, supported by lectures and practical case studies, various topics were explored including: the proper judicial conduct to be observed in and out of the courtroom; the improper use of certain terminology in Court judgments, the use of the Aliform software; judicial review and how to address these appeals; appeals and how to address these cases; collective efficiency, long-lasting cases, the practical aspects of managing a case, time management when rendering a decision, and making your task easier; evidence; solicitor-client privilege and litigation privilege; credibility and judicial issues linked with social media; parental alienation and loyalty conflict in family matters; cannabis; and the modernization of the justice system.


May 31st -
Jun 2nd 2017

Number of Participants



AppealsEvidenceFamily LawJudgment WritingJudicial ConductJudicial ReviewLitigation PrivilegeSocial MediaSolicitor-client Priviledge