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Superior Court of Québec and Court of Québec

Joint Seminar – Case Management in Difficult Situations


This two-day seminar was presented to support the development of judges’ management skills in difficult situations.


The objective of the program was to offer judges the means, tips and procedural tools to manage complex cases, ethical complaints and difficult situations experienced in the courtroom between self-represented litigants, individuals with mental health issues, and lawyers.


With the help of presentations made by experienced judges and specialists, for example a psychologist, lawyers representing individuals who have mental health issues and lawyers who practise in a hospital environment and through working in small groups using role-play and practical case studies, the program allowed judicial participants to obtain knowledge, develop skills and better understand procedural tools at their disposal to ensure better management of the courtroom during difficult situations. Resources were identified to face problems cause by unhappy individuals, individuals with mental health issues, self-represented litigants, complex case management and lawyers.


Mar 12th -
Mar 13th 2018

Number of Participants



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