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Superior Court of Québec (Québec Division)

Annual General Assembly: Modernization and Efficiency of the Justice System


This two-day program was on the theme of modernization and efficiency of the justice system.


The objectives of the Court’s Annual Assembly were to provide food for thought on the modernization of the justice system; to establish solutions to increase its efficiency, whether from a civil, commercial or family law approach as well as from a criminal and penal law approach; and to develop a toolkit to better support the work of judges and propose better ways of doing the work.


With the help of presentations from experienced judges, discussions in plenary sessions and questions via automated voting machines, the modernization of the justice system, measures enhancing its efficiency and the accessibility of the Québec justice system were explored. Sessions were held to discuss the various steps of a case, from pre-hearing management to case management during a hearing, to the pre-hearing conference, to conciliation and facilitation in civil, family and commercial law as well as in criminal law. There was a presentation on the media’s future and proposed new ethical rules were also presented.


Oct 18th -
Oct 20th 2017

Number of Participants



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