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Superior Court of Québec (Montreal Division)

Various Training Sessions


The Superior Court of Québec (Montreal Division) has provided approximately 30 different educational programs to its judges throughout the year. These programs covered a variety of topics.


Each of the sessions covered a different part of a larger topic to improve the substantive skills and knowledge of judges.


Programs included many sessions on the recent decisions of the Superior Court and Court of Appeal as well as topics relevant to the jurisdiction of Québec. Topics covered administrative and organizational best practices, cost of justice, and ways to improve the process of hearing cases. There were multiple sessions around the theme of family law, including recent developments in the law, scientific facts around shared custody, and private international law proceedings of marriage, divorce and foreign judgments. The court also hosted several sessions on topics of interest for the Criminal Law section of the court on the management and coordination of criminal cases and proceedings. The sessions were led by subject matter experts, lawyers responsible for research for the courts, law professors and judges.


Various Dates

Number of Participants

15-50 per session


Civil LawCriminal LawFamily LawSubstantive Law