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Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)

Education Seminar: Family Court Branch


Intended for Family Court Branch judges, the program focused on the changes to child protection proceedings under the Child and Youth Family Services Act, 2017.


The objectives of this seminar were to prepare Family Court Branch judges for the enactment of the new legislation, including the specific changes affecting Indigenous families, youth and children.


Led by experienced judges, lawyers representing families, counsel from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, counsel from the Children’s Aid Society, and a specialist in Indigenous youth, participants learned about the provisions of the new Act, including: the impacts of extending the definition of a child to 18 years of age; the new emphasis on the views and preferences of the child; the re-ordering of the elements of the best interests test; and, the significant new provisions related to Indigenous families, youth and children. The topics were examined through a combination of lectures, small-group exercises, and discussions.


Nov 7th 2017

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Child And Youth Family Services ActChild ProtectionFamily LawSocial Context