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Federal Court of Canada and Federal Court of Appeal

Special Advocates and Amici Curiae Educational Seminar


This seminar brought together judges, special advocates, amici curiae and government lawyers experienced in national security issues. Developed in collaboration with the courts and the key stakeholders in these judicial proceedings, this program was intended for judges who preside over national security matters and focused on the history and context of special advocates and amici curiae in these matters.


The objectives of this seminar were to review the history of, and lessons learned from, national security proceedings and share experiences. International comparisons with the United States and the United Kingdom were explored.


Participants delved into issues of the history and evolving role of special advocates and amici curiae in various situations such as obstacles and challenges of closed national security hearings; intelligence to evidence challenges; and international comparisons with how other jurisdictions deal with national security information in civil and criminal proceedings.


Oct 20th 2017

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