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National Judicial Institute with Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice

Seminar for Newly-Appointed Judges


The CJC requires that all judges, shortly after their appointment, attend two introductory seminars, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. When appointed, judges are advised of their ethical obligation to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and personal qualities needed for judicial office.


The objectives of these seminars were to introduce new judges to the requirements of their judicial role and provide them with the ability to conduct proceedings in various areas of the law.


This program was led by senior judges, academics and lawyers. It used a number of learning tools including presentations, videos, small-group discussions and applied exercises, to ensure skill development and promote substantive law knowledge. The spring session focused on criminal law, jury selection, jury instructions, civil law, courtroom management skills, and judgment writing. The fall session focused on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, family law, judicial review, evidence and remedies, good communication skills, and the preparation and delivery of oral judgments. The programs also addressed judicial independence and ethics, sexual assault law including myths and stereotypes, social context, and Indigenous law and legal traditions.


Apr 1st -
Apr 7th 2017

Number of Participants



Civil LawCriminal LawIndigenous Law And Legal TraditionsJudgment WritingJudicial EthicsSocial ContextTrial Management