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National Judicial Institute

Science in the Courtroom: The Web, Nets & Bots - Everything You Need to Know About Emerging Technologies


This program was designed to improve the judges’ familiarity with technological and scientific evidence, given the role of judges as triers of fact in an era of rapid technological advances.


The objective of this program was to promote technological competence and to prepare participants for cases involving emerging scientific evidence.


Led by experienced judges and multi-disciplinary faculty members from the fields of science and technology, the program used a combination of presentations and real-life examples to explore the following topics: the fundamentals of computer technologies; hacking, encryption and cybersecurity; artificial intelligence and neural networks; forensics issues with emerging technologies; cryptocurrencies; and AI-enhanced legal research.

Participants engaged in discussions about forensics and scientific issues in technology along with their effects on substantive legal questions and practical procedural matters. Led by legal academics, judicial participants took part in discussions on common law, statutory, and constitutional legal issues arising from new technologies.


Mar 14th -
Mar 16th 2018

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