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Canadian Institute for the Administation of Justice (CIAJ)

Roundtable on Criminal Trials Delays


Canada’s criminal justice system is facing challenges that have serious impacts on the Canadian population and all sectors within the administration of justice resulting from the Supreme Court’s ruling in R v Jordan [2016]. This program, presented through a round table discussion, allowed cross-sector dialogue on the challenges occurring in criminal cases. The program brought together a vast pool of experts in many legal fields, including Canada’s federally appointed judges.


The objective of the round table was to have an open, off-the-record discussion in an effort to improve the administration of justice by reviewing recent legislative changes and case law; discussing solutions for practical problems; and finding low cost solutions to common problems that participants could readily implement.


The round table on delays in criminal trials offered the opportunity to discuss innovative solutions to delays in the criminal justice system. Participants were leaders within the legal community, including members of the judiciary; representatives from the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of Justice Public Prosecution Service of Canada; Legal Services Society; Policing and Security Branch of the Department of Public Safety; and experienced practitioners (crown counsel and defence counsel).


Dec 2nd 2017

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