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Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba

Education Seminar (Spring 2017)


This two-day program focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Disorder (FASD) and domestic violence, examining the social context and legal issues which occur in both the Family and General Divisions of the Court.


The objectives of this seminar were to improve the participants’ understanding of the social context of FASD and domestic violence from a multidisciplinary perspective and to review the law in both the criminal and family contexts.


Multi-disciplinary experts in FASD and domestic violence, including leading academics and a child psychiatrist used lectures, round table discussions and experiential learning to cover: law and social context of FASD and domestic violence; clinical diagnostic guidelines for FASD; brain damage assessments; speech pathology and language profiles of children impacted by FASD; practical advice on effective communications, including the use of symbols; understanding and translating medical terminology of FASD for the courtroom; inter-generational cycle of violence, counter-intuitive behaviours of victims of domestic violence; sentencing and recidivism; the impact of domestic violence on children both as witnesses to and victims of family violence. The “Comings and Goings” exercise of the National Clearinghouse on Abuse Later in Life was adapted for this program and included role-playing exercises that mirrored the challenges faced by individuals attempting to flee an abusive relationship.


Apr 20th -
Apr 21st 2017

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