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National Judicial Institute

Productivity, Management and Leadership for Chief Justices, Chief Judges and Administrative Judges


This program was designed Chief Justices, Chief Judges and Administrative Judges who have court administration responsibilities and focused on developing productivity, management and leadership skills.


The objectives of this seminar were to enhance the participants’ leadership skills and problem-solving techniques and to provide an opportunity for sharing best practices among new and experienced chief judges from across the country.


This seminar, planned by judicial leaders drawn from superior, provincial, and appellate courts across Canada in collaboration with executive management experts, focused on enhancing the leadership and administrative capacities of chief justices, associate chief justices, chief judges and deputy chiefs. Sessions were delivered through a combination of lectures, small-group exercises, and plenary discussion. A wide range of topics were reviewed, focusing on challenges faced by a chief today including: models of court administration; preparation of court operational plans; current and future information technology issues; human relations issues; public outreach initiatives and relationships with the media. By sharing common challenges which occur in their work, participants assessed effective options and strategies that could be implemented.


Apr 3rd -
Apr 4th 2017

Number of Participants



Administrative JudgesChief JusticesLeadershipManagementOrganizational DevelopmentProductivityStrategic Communications