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National Judicial Institute – National Programs Descriptions

Look to the Future: Preparing for Life after the Bench


This program covered a range of issues of importance to judges approaching retirement within five to seven years. It canvassed the ethical issues faced by judges retiring from the bench, whether seeking to re-enter private practice or in other professional and non-professional roles. It also addressed several other personal and professional issues and decisions relevant to retirement and pre-retirement.


A key objective of this program was to ensure judges are fully aware of their ethical obligations upon retirement, particularly if they engage in the practice of law afterwards.


Members of the faculty and presenters included senior judges and academics skilled in ethics, mentoring, health and well-being. The program addressed a wide range of topics including ethical issues faced by retiring judges, mentoring, volunteering, and health-related matters.


Jun 13th -
Jun 15th 2018

Number of Participants