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National Judicial Institute – National Programs Descriptions

Moving from Bar to Bench: Developing the Education Plan


This program brought together judges involved in planning judicial education at various courts across Canada to further develop programs and processes that would help new judges successfully begin their judicial careers.


The objective of this course was to move forward with developing education, mentoring and professional development plans for new judges to begin their judicial careers on the right foot.


Organized for those judges with a responsibility for bringing new judges on board, the program, through lectures, group exercises and plenary discussion, sought to identify the elements of good mentoring and effective mentoring programs, discuss the aspects of social context education for new judges and how to introduce those aspects, assist the NJI in identifying topics for national e-learning modules, develop a plan for addressing wellness and resilience beginning on the first day on the Bench, and allow appellate judges to design the Transitioning to the Appellate Bench program.


Dec 5th -
Dec 7th 2018

Number of Participants