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National Judicial Institute – National Programs Descriptions

Indigenous Law Symposium


This symposium provided an overview of the challenges and opportunities in incorporating Indigenous legal principles into the Canadian multijural legal landscape.


This symposium was intended to advance the discussion among those who work in the Canadian legal system on fulfilling the Calls to Action to integrate Canada’s multijural system.


Incorporating Indigenous legal principles into the Canadian legal landscape is at the same time challenging and invigorating. In some ways, the fundamental principles may be very different. Ideas of spirituality and motion that underpin Indigenous law are very different from how the common and civil law have developed. On the other hand, principles of equality, respect, and trust are common. With sessions on Indigenous legal traditions, stories and art in Indigenous law, the Indigenous view of science, an application of Anishinaabe water law and Indigenous laws and child welfare, the symposium sought to advance the integration of Canada’s multijural legal system in accordance with the Calls to Action.


Apr 27th 2018

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