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National Judicial Institute – National Programs Descriptions

The McLachlin Court


This course examined how Canadian law developed over the 17 years Chief Justice McLachlin led the Supreme Court of Canada and what the developments mean for judging in the future.


The objectives of this course were to provide participants with a better understanding of access to justice and social context education in light of former Chief Justice McLachlin’s contribution to the Supreme Court of Canada as well as to examine the evolution of Charter jurisprudence during her tenure as Chief Justice.


Through a combination of presentations and discussions, participants engaged with concerns about the accessibility of the legal system to ordinary Canadians, delays in the trial process and the need for judges to understand the diverse and complex world in which they judge. Participants also considered former Chief Justice McLachlin’s contributions to the jurisprudence in the context of complex evidentiary questions that can arise in civil constitutional litigation. Other sessions shed light on the future of judging in Canada as well as the country’s multijural nature, with reference to common law, civil law, and Indigenous law.


Apr 25th -
Apr 26th 2018

Number of Participants