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National Judicial Institute – National Programs Descriptions

Criminal Jury Trials Seminar


This course was intended for new judges and built on the jury training provided during the Seminar for New Federally Appointed Judges.


The objective of this seminar was to provide judges with comprehensive training on theevidentiary, procedural and substantive law challenges which emerge in criminal jury trials, from pre-trial applications through to the taking of the verdict.


Led by senior judges with expertise in this area, and delivered by using a combination of short lectures, panel discussions and small-group exercises, this seminar covered the following topics: pre-trial applications; Charter considerations; trial management powers; jury selection; trials involving multiple accused; trials involving self-represented accused; using amicus curiae in the context of jury trials with self-represented accused; responding to the needs of vulnerable accused; developments in expert evidence admissibility; social context; evidentiary rules and procedural challenges; unique considerations arising in prosecutions for sexual offences; post- charge instructions to the jury; and issues arising from the imminent passage of Bill C-75.


Oct 3rd -
Oct 5th 2018

Number of Participants