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Civil Law Seminar: Resistance Is Futile – The Technological Transformation of Substantive and Procedural Civil Law, Evidence, and the Administration of Civil Justice


This intensive program was for judges who hear civil law matters and explored the transformation of tort, contract, commercial, and corporate civil law due to technological innovation.


The purpose of this conference was to examine how Canadian substantive, evidence, and procedural common and civil law has been and will continue to be transformed by the technological transformation of society and how that transformation has impacted the administration justice.


Developed and led by experienced judges, academics, and senior practitioners, this seminar examined a broad range of issues including: the impact of artificial intelligence on civil claims, data and the protection of privacy in a no-place to hide world, compensable tortious conduct caused by technological harms, defamation claims in the era of social media, jurisdiction and conflicts of law in a digital world, and practical ways to go paperless with technologies capable of overcoming infrastructure limitations in a cost effective, efficient way.


May 9th -
May 11th 2018

Number of Participants