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National Judicial Institute

Supreme Court of British Columbia: Education Seminar


This seminar involved a range of topics related to substantive law, judicial skills, the social context of judging, and courtroom and trial management.


The objectives of this course were to improve the participants’ substantive knowledge and skills with regard to: mediation skills in family law judicial case conferences; substantive and practical issues in sexual assault trials; class actions; injunctions; recent causes of action for privacy breaches; recent criminal law cases of significance; and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Led by senior judges and masters, experienced practitioners, legal academics and members of the community, and presented through a combination of presentations and interactive discussions, the program addressed: how to practice effective mediation in family law judicial case conferences; the substantive law, social context and practical management of sexual assault trials; recently developed causes of action flowing from privacy breaches, and how these have manifested themselves in class actions and injunctions; recent criminal law cases of significance; and legal considerations when incorporating international instructions into domestic law.


May 23rd -
May 24th 2018

Number of Participants