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National Judicial Institute

Supreme Court of British Columbia: New Judges’ Program


This seminar was intended for the new judges appointed to the Court over the previous year and was designed to supplement the national training provided in the Seminar for Recently Appointed Judges. The program focused on providing participants with specific information on substantive, procedural and administrative issues applicable to trial judges in British Columbia.


The objectives of this course were to support newly appointed judges in making a successful transition from lawyer to judge, to equip them with tools, resources, and information pertinent to the Court, and to benefit from the experience and advice of senior judges in an open forum.


Led by senior judges and masters from the Supreme Court of British Columbia and senior administrative staff, participants engaged in discussions covering a wide range of practical and substantive legal issues including: practical tools and information necessary for crafting costs orders; regular issues around parenting and support orders in family law cases; strategies for controlling the courtroom; and practice organization skills. In addition, the program provided a venue for experienced judges of the Court to share information with their newly appointed colleagues on the particular rules, practices, and procedures of the Court as well as the resources available.


May 22nd 2018

Number of Participants