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National Judicial Institute

Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta: Education Seminar


This seminar focused on building judicial skills in two areas: financial skills in family law cases, and the use of technology in the courtroom. Developed in collaboration with senior judges, experienced practitioners and financial, technological and pedagogical experts, this program helped better equip members of the Court to sit on family law matters and adapt to technological innovations in the courtroom.


The objectives of this program were to assist participants in developing improved skills in assessing financial evidence and determining financial issues in family law cases. It equally gave participants instruction in the technology necessary to run an electronic courtroom.


This seminar applied an experiential skills-based approach to teaching financial and technological skills. When focusing on financial skills in family law cases, participants received lectures from experienced judges and practitioners detailing topics that included the determination of guideline income for spousal support, the interpretation of financial statements and tax issues arising in assessing property. These lectures were complemented with exercises and discussion focused on applying these skills. With respect to technology, participants received lectures on recent technological innovations in the courtroom, complemented by hands-on group technology training on tools necessary for the electronic courtroom and that increase productivity.


Sep 26th -
Sep 28th 2018

Number of Participants