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National Judicial Institute

Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan Education Seminar


This seminar focused on policing and corrections issues as well as brain fitness and resilience.


The objective of this seminar was to improve the participants’ understanding of pressing issues in policing and corrections. The seminar also aimed to equip participants with the knowledge to maintain mental resilience.


Led by appellate judges, a police chief, the director of a correctional center and a neuroscientist, participants were engaged on issues through a combination of lectures, plenary discussions, visiting a correctional facility, and meeting with its management. Issues covered included: current policing priorities, community trust in the police, law enforcement, jurisdictional issues, changing policing models, overcrowding in prisons, and novel approaches for high trust inmates. The portion on mental resilience explored the challenges of exposure to traumatic materials and stress, along with skills to manage these challenges and enhance brain fitness.


Oct 24th -
Oct 26th 2018

Number of Participants