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National Judicial Institute

Superior Court of Quebec (Quebec Division): Family Law 201


This one-day program intended for judges of the Superior Court (Quebec Division) addressed family law issues, more specifically the partition of family patrimony.


The objectives of this program were to provide judges, especially newly appointed judges, with enhanced knowledge of the composition and partition of family patrimony, and develop their skills in understanding and applying the calculations required to determine the value of property and its partitionable value.


Through lectures, but mostly through case studies and interactive demonstrations by a teacher, a family law lawyer, and judges specializing in this area, participants learned to understand and apply the composition of family patrimony, the property that comprises family patrimony (s. 415 C.C.Q.), the methods for determining the value, net value and partitionable value of property, as well as the notions of contribution, increase in value, deduction, reinvestment and compensatory payment.


Mar 18th 2018

Number of Participants

(to be confirmed)