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National Judicial Institute

Superior Court of Quebec: Class Actions


This two-day program was intended for judges who hear class actions. Its aim was to provide an overview of substantive and procedural law issues specific to class actions, at both the approval stage and the substantive stage.


The objectives of this program were to enhance judges' knowledge of legal principles applicable to the conduct of a class action, and develop their skills in managing these complex cases. The program also aimed at providing judges with tools to assist them in ruling on recurring issues of fact and law in class actions.


Through formal presentations by experienced judges, panels of jurists and experts from the academic community, and through small group discussions and practical case studies, this program gave participants an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, develop skills and gain a better understanding of procedural tools at their disposal to ensure the proper conduct of a class action. Participating judges learned about pitfalls to avoid when deciding to approve a class action, best practices for writing and conveying notices to members, and the recovery process. Other sessions gave judges an opportunity to develop skills in managing the logistical aspects of class actions, applying rules of evidence, identifying circumstances in which to award punitive damages, controlling legal fees, and overcoming challenges specific to multijurisdictional class actions.


Mar 14th -
Mar 15th 2018

Number of Participants

(to be confirmed)