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National Judicial Institute

Superior Court of Quebec: Judgments Delivered from the Bench


This seminar was focused on skills in delivering judgments from the bench. Developed in cooperation with experienced judges and communications experts, this program helped judges to understand the importance of judgments delivered from the bench, organize the evidence and the law before and after a hearing, and deliver their judgment efficiently.


The objectives of this program were to assist participants in assessing the value of delivering a judgment from the bench for the justice system and litigants, in determining if a case lends itself to delivering a judgment from the bench, in delivering a judgment from the bench efficiently and completely, and in applying communication techniques specific to a judgment delivered from the bench.


This seminar applied an experience-based approach to developing participants’ skills in delivering judgments from the bench. The program began with a practical exercise in which each judge prepared and delivered a judgment from the bench, which gave them an opportunity to obtain personalized feedback from their peers and presenters. A series of lectures given throughout the program by experienced judges and a communications expert also gave participants an opportunity to gain helpful skills in structuring and delivering judgments from the bench that are well founded in law. These lectures were supplemented by video demonstrations. The program concluded with participants delivering a second judgment from the bench, followed by personalized feedback and a group discussion.


Jan 28th -
Jan 30th 2018

Number of Participants