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National Judicial Institute

Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island Education Seminar: "Children"


This seminar covered a mix of substantive law, social context and judge craft topics, all while exploring the theme of “Children”. Sessions focused on children in families that experience high conflict and/or violence. Risks, challenges, strategies and approaches were discussed and examined with renowned experts and senior judicial colleagues.


The objectives of this seminar were to enhance participants’ awareness of key jurisprudential developments as it relates to children and the law; identify red flags for children in high conflict situations, develop practical skills in assessing the testimony of child witnesses, and develop a better understanding of the risks, and mental health challenges faced by children impacted by high conflict or violence.


Led by experienced judges, legal academics, psychologists and senior social workers, participants explored the ways in which high conflict and/or violence impacts children in the courtroom. Using a variety of presentations, panel discussions and practical exercises, participants were given the opportunity to develop their skills in assessing the evidence of child witnesses, manage the courtroom in cases of conflict or violence, and develop best practices in
light of the mental health challenges of those child witnesses.


Sep 13th -
Sep 14th 2018

Number of Participants