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National Judicial Institute

Supreme Courts of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Education Seminar


This seminar covered a mix of substantive law, social context and judge craft topics, including
business valuations, damages, costs, supporting a more inclusive judiciary and better understanding the multi-faceted considerations that accompany a victim’s decision to potentially stay in an abusive relationship.


The objectives of this seminar were to enhance participants’ awareness of key jurisprudential developments in criminal and family law; develop practical skills in analyzing business valuations, damages and costs in civil, family, and criminal cases; develop a better understanding of the social context and complex choices that victims encounter in abusive relationships.


Senior judges, and legal academics in business law led this program and provided an opportunity to discuss evidence, criminal, family and social context topics. It included key cases in criminal and family law; evidence; practical skills in reviewing and admitting business valuation evidence, assessing damages and costs, in civil, family, and criminal cases; developing an inclusive judiciary; and understanding the challenges facing victims of abusive relationships. This program included a variety of presentations, panel discussions, and practical exercises.


May 24th -
May 25th 2018

Number of Participants