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National Judicial Institute

Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick: Education Seminar


This seminar involved a range of topics related to substantive law, courtroom and trial management, and the social context of law.


The objectives of this course were to improve the participants’ substantive knowledge and skills with regard to: the conduct of a sexual assault trials; administrative law; summary judgment applications; the conduct of drug trials; Charter remedies; mortgage deficiency actions; spousal support applications; division of property in family law; assessing expert evidence; and the law of evidence.


Led by senior judges, experienced practitioners, and legal academics, and presented through a combination of presentations and interactive discussions, the program addressed: substantive law, social context and practical issues in the conduct of sexual assault trials; the framework and recent developments in the law of judicial review; developments in the use of summary judgments in civil cases and child protection matters; the legal and practical issues in trials of drug offences; the application of sections 24(1) and (2) of the Charter; updates in mortgage deficiency actions; issues arising in spousal support cases; the application of unjust enrichment and unconscionability in property division in family law; the judge’s gatekeeping role in dealing with expert evidence; developments in the law of evidence; and important developments in jurisprudence.


Sep 5th -
Sep 6th 2018

Number of Participants