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Court of Appeal of British Columbia

Lunch and Learn Programs


The Court of Appeal of British Columbia regularly hosts informal information sessions called Lunch and Learn programs to which all judges of the court are welcome to attend. Each session has a different topic and a subject matter expert is invited to speak and provide further insight on recent legal issues.


Each session is designed to give judges an opportunity to develop a better understanding of a specific topic and learn about new issues, cases, and resolutions.


Throughout the year, guest speakers were invited to speak to the Justices from the Court of Appeal of British Columbia such as: a retired Judge who spoke of aboriginal sentencing; a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award recipient who discussed “Species at Risk, Climate Change and Emerging Environmental Issues”; the Executive Director of MOSAIC who discussed “Diverse Communities and the Courts”; the Executive Director of the Justice Education Society who presented the study “Talking Websites and Digital Law: a New Model for Access to Justice in B.C. and Beyond”; a visiting scholar at UBC who discussed the use of Sharia family law in Israel; and an open discussion was held on criminal remedies among judges of the Court of Appeal.


Various Dates

Number of Participants

15 to 20 per session


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