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National Judicial Institute

Judicial Settlement Conferencing: Clinics


This skills-based seminar was intended for judges who had previously attended the introductory settlement conferencing programs or who have extensive experience in settlement conferences. The program helped judges learn new techniques and refresh their skills in the area of settlement conferences and dispute resolution.


This seminar aimed to foster judges’ knowledge and understanding of interpersonal dynamics relating to conflict and to enhance their skills in facilitating settlements. In addition to addressing ethical issues, this program focused on the judge’s role in judicial settlement conferences and the different approaches and techniques that judges can apply to help parties resolve disputes.


This seminar helped judges practice and refine their current judicial settlement conference skills with expert faculty members through exercises, group work, and facilitated role-playing sessions. The program explored communication and settlement conference skills through scenarios, seminars, and ethical dilemmas. This hands-on program focused on: communication skills in particularly difficult situations; power dynamics and imbalance of power between parties; creativity and curiosity as a conflict resolution tool; the management of high emotion and high conflict individuals; and ethical issues.


Apr 26th -
Apr 28th 2017

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