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National Judicial Institute

Judges and Jails: The Realities of Incarceration


This program focused on the effective use of pre-sentence reports, sentencing, social context, the nature of programming and treatment available in provincial and federal correctional institutions, and the parole system.


The objective of this seminar was to provide judges with an opportunity to explore sentencing choices and their impacts from both a legal and practical perspective. Judges examined three core issues: considerations in sentencing to custody; how to ensure that custodial sentences are as effective as possible; and what actually happens to offenders after they are incarcerated.


This program provided skills-based learning on sentencing and correctional issues through a combination of lectures, plenary discussions, and a review of programming offered within correctional facilities. Led by judges, legal academics, practising lawyers, and experts from within and outside the correctional system, this seminar covered the following topics: proportionality in sentencing; the availability and use of Gladue reports across the country; innovative ways of obtaining the information necessary for Gladue sentencing; sentencing offenders with mental health issues; programs for First Nations peoples; reintegration issues; and mental health treatment in federal correctional institutions.


Oct 15th -
Oct 20th 2017

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CorrectionsCriminal LawIncarcerationIndigenous PeoplesMental HealthParoleSentencingSocial Context