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International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law (ISRCL)

International Conference


The ISRCL is an international non-governmental association of judges, legislators, lawyers, academics, government officials, police and corrections professionals dedicated to improving the administration of criminal justice in their own jurisdiction and internationally. The conference theme for 2017 was Criminal Justice in the 21st Century. It was open to participants from around the world involved in criminal law cases. This conference gave participants a look at the latest developments, strategies, and techniques involved in the many reforms currently being implemented in criminal law to meet society’s changing needs.


The conference provided an opportunity for participants to learn about emerging issues, including the escalation of white-collar crime as reflected in intricate financial crimes, confidence schemes and complex fraud crimes. The conference explored and analyzed these issues with a view to providing best practices and solutions.


A group of experts presented recent cases and explained the challenges of criminal law reform in a number of jurisdictions. The conference also addressed the issues of 21st century policing, corrections, forensics, ethical duties of the prosecutor, and related areas. Other topics included contemporary challenges to the rule of law, corporate criminal liability, public corruption, sentencing issues, and disclosure dilemmas from both a national perspective and as linked to international issues.

Sessions were provided through workshops, plenary panels or smaller panel discussions. The speakers were judges from around the world, senior police officers, judicial educators and lawyers.


Jul 9th -
Jul 13th 2017

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