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International Organization for Judicial Training (IOJT)

Conference: Judicial Education 2025 – Core Values and Future Innovations


This international conference brought together judges and judicial educators from around the world to promote the rule of law through support for the work of judicial education institutions. The conference presented strategies for establishing and developing training centres, designing effective curricula, developing faculty capacity, and improving teaching methodology.


The main focus of the conference was to discuss the various structures governing judicial training institutes. This included how best to develop training methods and goals, to implement those goals and to evaluate the usefulness of judicial training. It focused on enhancing public confidence in the administration of justice by building public support for judicial education and judicial independence.


Judicial educators shared best practices with the goal of developing a critical core curriculum that addresses essential global training needs for judges. Topics covered during the conference included: transparency and judicial education; the organizational structures of judicial education institutions; judicial stress; and transformative education. Evolving education methods were explored, including the use of videos, workshops and interactive methods. At this meeting, the IOJT adopted the Declaration of Judicial Education Principles which encouraged everyone involved in judicial education to use the principles as a common framework to guide their judicial training activities.


Nov 5th -
Nov 9th 2017

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