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National Judicial Institute

Insolvency Seminar


This seminar was intended for judges who hear insolvency cases and provided an overview of both substantive and procedural law developments.


The objective of this course was to provide an update on the law of insolvency through interactive sessions.


Developed and led by experienced judges, academics, and senior practitioners, the program delivered practical advice and best practices for conducting insolvency proceedings. Drawing on leaders from the judiciary, academia and practitioners, and using a combination of case studies, interactive questions and debate, the seminar covered a broad range of issues including: cross-border claims and the “creeping convergence” of American bankruptcy proceedings in Canadian cases; business considerations which influence stakeholders behaviours, including the role of monitors, debtor-in-possession terms, stalking horse bids and financial modelling; transfers at under value under s 95 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act; and plans of arrangements.


Feb 8th 2018

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