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Federation of Law Societies of Canada

National Criminal Law Program


This annual national conference is aimed at prosecutors, defence counsel, judges, and members of law enforcement and national defence communities. The theme of the 2017 National Criminal Law Program was Criminal Procedure, Ethics, and the Charter.


The objective of this conference was to provide an opportunity for open discussion among those dealing with critical issues in criminal law cases. The conference was also designed to ensure that judges and various communities have the most up-to-date knowledge in respect of cases that present difficult ethical issues in the courtroom.


The program opened with a round table discussion about wrongful convictions. Topics addressed included: panels relating to Indigenous persons and the justice system; privacy-related issues; the extent to which the state might intrude on privacy to further law enforcement objectives; the state of the law in relation to “Mr Big” undercover investigations; bail; extradition; and the right to a trial within a reasonable time. One presentation focused on sentencing in cases of Aboriginal offenders. The program also featured demonstrations of the cross-examination of an affiant and the making of sentencing submissions. Additionally, senior Faculty members led a round table discussion on difficult ethical issues, including scenarios posed by the registrants.

Presentations included plenary lectures, panel discussions, and small group workshops.


Jul 10th -
Jul 14th 2017

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