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Federal Court

Education Seminar


This seminar focused on significant intellectual property developments, the impact of developments in technology and in social media on the Court’s work, and other key issues including the social context of judging in a diverse society.


The objectives of the seminar were for participants to learn about the recent significant changes in patented medicines regulations, to raise awareness of the social context of judging in a diverse society, and to enhance their understanding of technology and its implications for security, privacy, and related ethical issues.


The program content was presented through a mix of presentations, workshops, and interactive questions and answer sessions which were led by senior judges of the Court, experienced counsel, government representatives, and academics. The seminar examined legal pluralism, self-awareness and judging in a multi-cultural society; Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Regulations, 2017 and the demise of the “promise of the patent” doctrine; rapidly changing technology; and security, privacy and ethical issues for judges in the social media world. It also explored skills development in case management, writing and using technology to optimize productivity.


Sep 27th -
Sep 28th 2017

Number of Participants



Case ManagementIntellectual PropertySocial ContextSocial MediaTechnology