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Federal Court of Canada – Lunch and Learns

LUNCH and LEARN- Orders vs Directions and Case Management


This Lunch and Learn focused on the role of Judges and Prothonotaries in Case Management.


The objective of this Lunch and Learn was to provide guidance on the issuance of Orders and Direction to ensure more consistency in the Court’s practice, and to raise additional awareness of the benefits and role of the judge in Case Management.


The presentation, led by Justice Lafreniere and Prothonotary Tabib, addressed the basics of Case Management ( .e. what is required to ensure an action or application is ready to be determined) and the role the Case Management Judge may assume in assisting the parties to resolve the issues.

The presentation also included guidance on whether a DIrection should be issued or whether the matter being addressed requires that the Judge or Prothonotary issue an Order.

The discussion following the presentation raised practical examples and practical solutions to a range of issues that may arise.

All Members of the Court were invited, although the topic was of particular interest to recently appointed Judges and Prothonotaries.

The presentation and discussion was approximately one and a half hours in duration.


Jan 11th 2019

Number of Participants