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Federal Court of Canada – Lunch and Learns

LUNCH and LEARN- Intellectual Property Litigation in the UK experience – Presentation by Sir Henry Carr


This seminar address the issues the Court and the bar face in ensuring efficient Patent Trials.


The objective of the webinar was to address the range of issues that may arise in patent litigation to make trial more efficient. The presentation sought to reduce the frequency of factual and legal issues in disputes, and make science more understandable. In addition, the webinar demonstrated the benefits associated in using technology in the court room as well as the correct manner to proffer evidence to narrow the scope of examinations. Furthermore, the webinar introduced strategies to deliver compelling focused arguments.


The webinar was developed for the Court and the bar by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) in consultation with Justice Michael Manson.

All Members of the Court were invited, although the webinar was of particular interest to Judges and Prothonotaries who determine a significant amount of Intellectual Property applications and actions.

The webinar was delivered to several locations and questions were transmitted to the panelists electronically.

The webinar was approximately one and a half hours in duration.


Feb 15th 2019

Number of Participants