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Federal Court of Canada – Lunch and Learns

LUNCH AND LEARN: Legal Issues Regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity


This lunch and learn session was presented by the Canadian Bar Association, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section (SOGIC).

The panel explained: the terminology now used to describe the gender and gender identity
spectrum; the experiences and effects of transphobia; and, the barriers faced by the LGBQT2S population, including access to justice.

The panel also described the Transforming Justice Project, which is an Ontario wide study of the legal service needs of Trans people in the province documenting the experiences of discrimination and barriers faced, which will result in a series of recommendations.

The panel presentation and discussion was one and a half hours in duration.

The presentation and discussion was intended for all members of the Federal Court.


The objectives of this lunch and learn was to provide strategies that the Court could explore (e.g. facilities, gender neutral language) and that Judges could apply at hearings to address the barriers identified and ensure that all parties who appear are respected and addressed as they chose to be addressed.


This lunch and learn was an educational session regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. The presentation, led by Frances Mahon, Frank Durnford and Nicole Nussbaum introduced strategies that the Court could explore to minimize barriers in sexual orientation and gender identity to ensure all parties who appear are respected and addressed appropriately. The lunch and learn began as a presentation that was followed by Q and A’s and discussion.


Apr 26th 2019

Number of Participants