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Supreme Court of British Columbia

LUNCH and LEARN – Publication Bans


This Lunch and Learn was presented by a senior judges of the British Columbia’s Supreme Court. It was an hour session intended for all judges of the court.


The objective of the Lunch and Learn was to enhance the understanding of the court’s Publication Ban Notification Project and the Publication Bans and Confidentially Orders Manual. The Lunch and Learn also looked to further the understanding of section 486.31 in the Criminal Code disclosure bans, while also creating a template order for publication bans in criminal and extradition proceedings.


The Lunch and Learn created a discussion of open court principles and exceptions based on two significant gang-related criminal cases and the judges’ reasons for granting a publication ban. The Lunch and Learn discussed the difference between publication bans, confidentiality orders, and anonymization of reasons. These materials were prepared and posted to the court’s internal intranet site.


Apr 17th 2018

Number of Participants