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National Judicial Institute

Family Law Seminar: Financial and Property Issues


This program was offered to judges who hear family law matters; it focused on financial and property issues that occur in a separation or divorce.


The objectives of this seminar were to provide judges with the knowledge and skills required to adjudicate the complex range of issues that can occur in family law cases involving financial and property issues.


The sessions were led by judges, legal academics, senior lawyers and an accountant. Participants examined issues through a combination of lectures, small-group exercises, and a plenary discussion. The seminar focused on the following topics: unusual items of property; support for adult children; conducting effective case conferences and settlement conferences; interjurisdictional support orders; unjust enrichment claims; the impact of trusts on family law; reading and understanding financial statements; imputing income; tax issues; retroactive support claims and obligations; shared custody and child support; and advanced issues arising from the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

One session discussed social and economic changes resulting in young adults living longer with their parents and the impact of this on the applicable principles for the determination of child support.


Feb 7th -
Feb 9th 2018

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