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Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta

Family Law Fundamentals


This seminar focused on the fundamentals of family law matters. The program was intended for judges appointed within the last five years.


This program provided newly appointed judges with the substantive knowledge and skills to effectively manage and decide evidence issues, particularly disclosure applications, occurring in family law chambers. It was designed to deepen the understanding of the procedures when setting matters down for hearing and explore the issues around family property that can be addressed in family law chambers.


Led by judges and senior lawyers experienced in family law who shared their practical insights in an interactive question and answer format, participants discussed: how to manage and decide evidentiary issues occurring in family law chambers; the procedures to follow when setting matters down for a hearing; issues of family property that can be dealt with in family law chambers; and the effective management of disclosure applications. Designed to supplement the national training provided by the New Federally Appointed Judges Seminars and the Court’s bi-annual education seminars, this program focused on providing participants with additional information on substantive, procedural and administrative issues.


Sep 27th 2017

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