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Superior Court of Justice (Ontario)

Education Seminar (spring 2017)


This seminar focused on a number of issues in civil, family and criminal law of practical relevance to the work of the Court.


The objectives of this seminar were to improve the participants’ awareness of key developments in civil, criminal and family law matters before the Court and to better develop their understanding of the social context relating to issues of Aboriginal child welfare, reconciliation, and human trafficking.


Faculty included judges, senior practitioners, legal academics, counsel from the Crown and Defence Bar, and the Executive Director of a homeless shelter for youth. Participants applied concepts discussed during the seminar using fact scenarios, instant response questions and discussion with their peers. Civil law sessions focussed on employment law, including the case of Hryniak v Mauldin [2014]. Family law sessions included: property issues; expert evidence and property valuation determination; pensions as property or income for support purposes; and the conduct of family law proceedings. Criminal law sessions explored the law and the social context of human trafficking.

The seminar also included group conference clinics addressing the wide range of trial management issues post-Jordan, as well as Aboriginal child welfare and the process of reconciliation. The clinic on Aboriginal child welfare included videos featuring a youth in care, prepared with members of the Aboriginal communities.


May 3rd -
May 5th 2017

Number of Participants



Child ProtectionCriminal LawEmployment LawEvidence LawHuman TraffickingIndigenous Law And Legal TraditionsProperty LawSocial ContextTrial ManagementVulnerable Witnesses