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National Judicial Institute with Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice

Dialogues on Judging: Challenges and Rewards of a Long-Serving Career


The program was designed specifically for judges with at least 10-15 years of experience to take stock of their collective experience and enhance their skills and approaches to judging.


The objective of this program was to allow judges with similar years of service to share the benefit of their experiences with peers and other experts relating to decision-making, leadership, mentorship, contemporary role of decision-makers and relationship with the public.


With the participation of senior judges, interdisciplinary academics drawn from psychology, education and leadership coaching, and community representation, the course employed interactive lectures and small group and plenary discussions to explore the following themes: adapting to the changing realities in society and in access to justice; characteristics, roles and responsibilities of judges as decision-makers; the changing relationship between judges and the public; lifelong learning, intellectual refreshment and reinvigoration; and the evolution of decision-making and implications for the modern judge.


Nov 15th -
Nov 17th 2017

Number of Participants



AdaptationBattling Fatigue And StressDecision-makingLeadershipLong-servingMentorship