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International Association of Judges (IAJ) with CSCJA

Annual Meeting and Conference


Canadian judges learn from the experience of other countries and vice-versa. This annual conference aims to promote and strengthen the rule of law throughout developing countries and in emerging democracies.


The objective of this international conference, which was bilingual and bijural, was to bring together leaders from within the global legal community to discuss ways to safeguard the independence of the judiciary in order to support human rights and freedoms around the world.


Representatives of the CSCJA attended this conference. It was structured as four study committees designed to address the following issues: status of the judiciary; civil law and procedure; criminal law and procedures; public and social law. Specific topics included managing class actions, sentencing criminal offenders, and emerging issues in labour law.


Nov 12th -
Nov 16th 2017

Number of Participants



Civil LawCommon LawLegal Administration