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Court of Appeal of Alberta and Court of Appeal for British Columbia

Joint Education Seminar


This seminar focussed on two main themes: the transformation of civil and criminal law in the digital era, and decision-making in appellate courts.


The objective of this course was to enhance the participants’ understanding of the impact of technology in civil and criminal law matters and to provide a forum to share ideas regarding best practices and collegial decision-making in appellate courts.


The seminar opened with a look at critical thinking in the information age and, specifically, the challenges involved in distinguishing misinformation and distortion from reliable information. Participants also explored the impact of the digital age on civil and criminal law; issues relating to taking jurisdiction in cross-border civil cases; emerging issues in cross-border criminal cases; and regulation in global corruption and money laundering. The program closed with a presentation on collective and individual decision-making, in which participants discussed the current decision-making processes in their courts, including the use of dissent, concurring reasons and individual reasons, and the nature of collegial decision-making in appellate courts.


May 11th -
May 12th 2017

Number of Participants



Appellate CourtsCivil LawCollective Decision-makingCriminal LawCross-border IssuesEvidence LawMoney LaunderingTechnology