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Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada

Education Seminar


This seminar was intended for judges who hear Court Martial appeals and focused on important updates on the law and context in the military justice system, including sexual assault cases.


The objectives of this seminar were for appellate judges to gain a better understanding of military operations, rules of engagement, the Court Martial process, the role of the Judge Advocate General with Prosecution and Defence Counsel Services, and the law and social context of sexual assault appeals to the Court.


The program was led by senior judges, Court Martial judges, Canadian Armed Forces representatives and an academic used a combination of presentations and interactive questions and answer sessions. Participants examined the unique challenges for judges hearing Court Martial appeals, recent jurisprudential developments, appellate review of jury instructions, and the law and social context of sexual assault appeals with an emphasis on myths and stereotypes in these complex cases.


Feb 1st -
Feb 2nd 2018

Number of Participants



Military JusticeSexual Assault LawSocial Context